Wellness for women in recovery requires a deliberate effort to manage addiction while adopting healthy life choices. 

According to SAMHSA, wellness is being in a healthy mental and physical state. This implies that addiction recovery is more than just abstaining from one’s substance of choice. It involves maintaining a state of wellness.

What Is Early Recovery From Addiction Like?

Recovery doesn’t only happen in a treatment facility but in the daily life choices you make. The road to recovery from addiction can be filled with many challenges. It can be an everyday struggle that can be compounded by stress, mental illness, and sometimes relapses.

According to reports, about 90% of people recovering from addiction have a relapse. This statistics is not to discourage your recovery journey thought, as relapse doesn’t signify treatment failure. However, to stay healthy and avoid relapse, it is encouraged you develop wellness and self-care tips. 

Women and Wellness: Self Care Tips

Wellness for women starts with self-care. Aside from trying to stay sober, it is important for women to develop self-care habits that can heal both the mind and body. 

To help you with your recovery journey, we have compiled some proven tips for women and wellness. 

  1. Nutrition 

Good health starts with a healthy diet. Eating mineral and vitamin-rich foods is essential to a good, a balanced diet. Not only will a balanced diet improve your physical wellness, your mood and mental health will also improve.

Also, a regular balanced diet can help undo the damages of addictive substances and facilitate your healing. Some balanced diet tips include: 

  • Include a lot of fruit, vegetables, proteins, and vegetables in your diet
  • Avoid processed foods 
  • Drink a lot of water


  1. Exercise

Nutrition goes hand in hand with physical exercise. Staying fit is necessary to facilitate your wellness. Try a variety of different physical activities and find one that suits your lifestyle.

Asides from lowering stress levels, exercise is a proven way to reduce your cravings for addictive substances. When you work out, your brain releases some feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.

  1.  Practice Mindfulness 

Mindfulness can help your recovery process and improve your mental wellbeing in so many ways. Devote a few minutes of your day to meditating, reflecting and introspecting. Look inwards, pay attention to how you feel, and assess your life. 

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life will help you reduce stress and calm your emotions. Also, by paying attention, you get to acknowledge your progress and identify areas you need to make improvements. 

  1. Socializing

The people you spend your time with will play a huge role in your wellness and recovery journey. Try as much as possible to avoid social isolation, socializing will improve your physical and mental wellness.

Make new friends, visit new places, join a social group, mix up with people who understand your journey.

  1. Support Groups

You can also get involved with support groups where you get to interact with recovering addicts. Addiction and recovery isn’t something to be ashamed of. Being open about your recovery journey with others will give you a sense of community and improve your recovery journey. 

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