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Women's Drug Rehab

If you have a drug or alcohol addiction problem, you have probably often wondered if there is anyone else who would understand where you were coming from and could help you. At Anchored Tides Recovery, we are here to say yes. Not only that, but at Anchored Tides Recovery, we have one of the most successful addiction treatment programs available to women, and we are here to serve you. Our methods were developed by women for women, so you know that when you get help from us, you won’t get distracted in any way. You are a woman with needs that are unique to you. That’s why our treatment methods are also unique, and highly successful.


How Substance Abuse Affects Women

An addiction is a disease. Plain and simple. It’s not a moral weakness, and it’s certainly not something you need to be ashamed of.  Unfortunately, people are often ashamed of having an addiction because they have been told that it’s just something you need to get over, so when they can’t, they see themselves as unique and less than human.  This isn’t true. Just as is the case with any other disease, it takes much more than lectures, will power, and other platitudes to conquer an addiction. It takes treatment of working with professionals. It also takes the support of other women who have been in your shoes. The need for gender-specific treatment has never been more important.

At Anchored Tides Recovery, we begin all of our treatment programs by offering participants  a relaxing and supportive environment that allows them to take a break and concentrate on receiving the therapy they need to recover, once and for all.  Within our environment, this can take several forms. It might be through individualized therapy, where each participant works with a therapist on a one on one basis, depending on their need. You might also work with a group, which gathers women in similar situations together to get mutual support and encouragement.  In this environment, you learn that you are never alone and that there really is strength in numbers.


The Benefits of a Women's Drug Rehab

With so many differences between how men and women experience and deal with addiction, it’s a wonder that so many treatment facilities aren’t gender-specific, yet it only makes sense that in treating a disease that is so different for men and women, that the treatment options aren’t different.  With Anchored Tides Recovery, we offer only women-specific programs that provide the most personalized approach available.

Right along with women’s addiction treatment center that address addiction, Anchored Tides Recovery offers a whole host of programs that address issues that were neglected during addiction.  These include meal planning and cooking, money-management, conflict resolution, resume building, job skills, healthy study habits, etc.

Many people make the mistake of believing that addiction is the same for men and women.  This is simply not true. Instead, when it comes to addiction, men and women are very different.  Research has shown that women metabolize alcohol less efficiently than men. This is true because women have in their bodies an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, the impact of which is lessened and keeps alcohol in their bloodstream longer.  Further, a woman’s body contains less water and more fatty tissue than men, which stays in their body in higher concentrations. This is why women get intoxicated faster and have worse hangovers than men, even when consuming the same amount of alcohol.


Let Our Orange County Women's Rehab Help

When you select an addiction treatment facility, you should choose one where not only is the standard of care high and as personalized as possible, but you should also look for participants who are as similar to you as is possible.  Studies have shown that treatment facilities where both men and women are mixed together aren’t nearly as effective as those that are gender-specific.  Women obviously identify more closely with other women and their problems as well as their opportunities.  Working along with other women, a woman has a better opportunity to experience the feeling of “I’ve been there and can relate” than she would if she was a member of a mixed group.

At Anchored Tides Recovery, seeing really is believing.  We believe that once you see our facility and have the chance to see some of the success stories that we have helped bring to life, you will be a believer too.  Why not come in today to see why Anchored Tides Recovery is unique and is a program truly made for women’s success in recovery from drugs & alcohol.

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