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Intensive Outpatient Program
Orange County

There is not one single addiction treatment that works for everyone every time. At Anchored Tides Recovery, our programs are individually tailored for women who are battling substance abuse whether it’s drugs or alcohol. One therapy with a high success rate is the Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP.


What Exactly is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is an addiction treatment program that offers addiction therapy for a client all the while not in a structured environment like rehab. A client in IOP typically visits us several days a week for a few hours at a time. The focus of the therapy is to prevent a substance use relapse and help the client develop coping skills. IOPs are used as front-line therapy for treating some cases of substance abuse and mental disorders. IOP can also be used as an intermediate step in addiction treatment when a client has left a residential program and wants the support offered in an IOP. On the substance abuse care continuum, IOPs offer more care than standard outpatient services, but less care than residential programs.


Women's Addiction Treatment Programs.


What Are the Benefits of Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Orange County?

A client taking part in an IOP is living on their own or at our sober living and can continue to be part of that community while navigating sobriety. A client doesn’t have to leave her family while being treated in an IOP. The client is able to practice new sober behaviors at home. An IOP at Anchored Tides Recovery will include structured therapy time with us each week. That can include individual, group and/or family therapy depending on the client. In addition to providing therapy support, the IOP will include education about substance abuse and mental disorders. The focus of the IOP will be to encourage continued sobriety and prevent relapses. Intensive Outpatient Program therapy can also be in place for a longer amount of time than inpatient care.

Clients in an IOP find it to be a safe and nurturing environment that also includes support from peers. IOPs focus on overall health and wellness that may expose clients to alternative therapies, holistic alternatives, nutrition counseling, and even recreational therapies. The extra hours spent each week in IOP allow clients to learn skills and practice them regularly.

IOP is flexible and may be a good choice for those who cannot put their lives on hold to move into inpatient care. It is also less expensive than entering residential treatment.


An Intensive Outpatient Program Just for Women

At Anchored Tides Recovery, our Intensive outpatient program may be the key to breaking the cycle of addiction in a client who doesn’t need 24-hour residential care. It may also be the step that reinforces recovery in a client who has already completed inpatient substance addiction treatment. Research studies conclude that IOPs are a critical piece of a women’s addiction treatment center because they offer more care than standard outpatient services. Researchers also say there are good outcomes after IOPs with patients eliminating and reducing drug and alcohol use.


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Let Anchored Tides Recovery Help You Today

Let Anchored Tides Recovery help you break through addiction. Our complete menu of addiction treatment solutions is customizable for each and every woman. Find out from us today if an Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is the next step in your recovery that you may need. It provides you with the professional support you need to quit using drugs or alcohol and at the same time is flexible enough to be worked into your busy life. At Anchored Tides Recovery, we designed our program for women by women. Come get the help you need today!

Racheal Doll

Operations Manager and Admissions Coordinator

Racheal Doll is the Operations Manager and Admissions Coordinator at ATR and has worked in various positions of the recovery field for more than 10 years. She has been able to experience, guide and support clients at various stages of their recovery journeys, whether they have a few days or a few years. Racheal feels extremely passionate about helping women who are seeking a better way of life through recovery, and draws upon her own experience of addiction and recovery to better understand and relate to the unique circumstances women face while navigating coming out of the fog of addiction and into their own healing and recovery.

Dawn Narvaez

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Eating Disorder Specialist

Dawn has been providing individual nutritional counseling and group counseling for more than 20 years. Her approach has been to work beyond education and training, focusing on real-life practical applications and tools. Through it all, Dawn creates an open and encouraging environment to help her clients process successes and overcome setbacks by helping them establish new habits of their own that don’t disrupt their regular lifestyle.

Macy Miller

Admissions Coordinator

Being the first point of contact for women seeking aftercare for their recovery in alcohol and drug addiction; I am driven & passionate about helping them with their next steps. I have always been passionate about helping others & this position allows me to see those dreams come to life.

You can always find me in nature during my self care time, usually hiking, roller skating by the beach, or surfing the waves. I enjoy music to feed my soul & get grounded. I lead a healthy & holistic way of living that I enjoy sharing with others.

Heather Black-Coyne

Clinical Director

Heather Black-Coyne holds a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and works as the Clinical Director for Anchored Tides Recovery. Heather is a woman in long-term recovery and an astute Addiction Counselor who has partnered with addicted individuals in residential and outpatient facilities for over a decade, creating a space of learning for both the clients and her peers. Heather participated on the CDPWS Board as Secretary, helped launch the annual NAADAC Conference in Seattle, and has participated in developing Continuing Education Courses for Clearly Clinical.

Heather has worked in various direct care and leadership capacities treating substance use, always with the foundational beliefs that everyone is worthy of a meaningful life, and individuals need help along the way. She works in treatment to help others be curious about themselves and their possibilities. She is passionate about creating a safe space where individuals can explore their growth experientially, and collaboratively.

Tonia Stephens

Social Worker

I was born and raised in Orange County, California. I found myself needing substance abuse treatment in 2010. After learning tools of recovery and receiving treatment I was able to go back to school at age 41 and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and a Masters in Social Work with an emphasis on Community Mental Health from California State University Fullerton. Getting clean and sober opened the door to a life full of opportunity and hope. I am currently pursuing licensure in the State of California to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

I have the unique opportunity to work as an Associate Clinical Social worker in a treatment setting. My role is to assist with helping each Client master Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills that allow them to emotionally regulate, tolerate distress, live a more meaningful life, and improve their ability to effectively communicate. I come alongside the Clients and help them address life issues that range from food assistance, legal matters, tax issues, creating resumes, budgeting, medical and dental appointments, organizing, studying skills, applying to schools, and finding employment. I assist them with integrating their recovery tool belt with the stressors of life in order to set them up for success once they leave treatment.

I wished that I had a social worker when I was in treatment. Some of my most difficult times were trying to take care of anxiety provoking adult tasks in early sobriety. I am passionate about my role in these human’s lives and I see it as my honor to be part of their bref journey here at Anchored Tides Recovery. I love my job and I love teaching individuals how to be sober, navigate life, and enjoy being themselves maybe for the first time.

Megan Twohig


Hi! My name is Megan Twohig and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working with Anchored Tides Recovery as a Primary Therapist. I am currently being trained in EMDR trained and have worked in the field of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for 9 years. When I’m not working I love the beach, my dog, and my dog at the beach with me. I honor getting to fight alongside clients in the battle for their lives. I’ve witnessed miracles in recovery and believe we all have a chance at salvation.

Michelle King

Operations Manager

Michelle has been a part of the Anchored Tides family since 2018. Michelle is an empathetic individual who finds connection with each client. Her goal is to help women feel understood and see that long-term recovery is possible. Michelle obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Brandman University and is working towards her masters in social work. Michelle is passionate about helping others and considers it an honor to be a part of a treatment team who believes the client’s care is the first priority. In her spare time Michelle loves going to concerts, camping, and road trips.

Jessica Trinidad

Program Manager

Jessica has been a part of the Anchored Tides Family since 2017. She is the Program Manager at ATR and has worked in treatment for 6 years. She specifically enjoys working with women in recovery as she is passionate about helping women begin their healing journey and find their truest most authentic selves. Jessica’s personal experience with recovery at a young age helps her identify with other young women seeking treatment and a new way of life.

Katie van Heerden

Clinical Therapist

I am Katie van Heerden, licensed marriage and family therapist, currently conducting individual and group therapy at ATR using CBT and EMDR modalities. My passion for working with those struggling with addiction and mental health is a personal one. I, myself, grew up in a family system of addiction and mental health issues with little knowledge of what to do or how to recover. This drove me to further my education of mental health disorders, first by obtaining my BA in psychology from Cal State University Fullerton, then my masters in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. While the knowledge I have obtained in school is extensive, my personal journey through life and all of its struggles have led me to the conclusion that anyone can recover if given 2 things: resources and support. When asked what keeps me going in this field, after 10+ years, I typically respond; “I am merely a farmer. I plant the seeds, nourish when necessary, and give space to allow growth.” Watching clients transform into better versions of themselves is not only rewarding, but inspiring. It is a “job” I never take for granted.

Tracy Dunn

Interventionist / Relationships & Co-Dependency

Tracy Dunn is a National Interventionist and Addiction Coach who has received training at the Crossroads Recovery Coaching Academy of Seattle Washington and The Addiction Academy in Miami Florida. As the daughter of Roger Dunn of the Roger Dunn Golf Stores , Tracy knows all too well the dramatic impact that fame and addiction can have on the family system. Her professional training partnered with over 32 years of sobriety has led Tracy to being deeply committed to both saving and changing the lives of those struggling with addiction and alcoholism and their families.

As a group facilitator, she works collaboratively with her clients to help them focus on the action they will need to take to recognize the vision they will have for themselves. As an interventionist she has helped many families to overcome the paralyzing grip of addiction by teaching accountability, compassion and the other tools needed to break the cycle of addiction and maintain sobriety. Tracy works with the media, treatment facilities, interventionists,therapists, addiction psychiatrists and consults with treatment facilities.Her dedication to saving lives has given a dynamic voice of recovery to those who had previously given up hope,and the belief that they are able to create their own successes.

service dogs

Bunny & Murphy

Registered Emotional Support Animals

Bunny is a 3yo male French Bulldog and Murphy is a 6yo female Shiba Inu. Both of these pups have been raised at Anchored Tides and grew up handing out love and support to our clients. They have the wonderful ability to sense when a someone needs a little extra love, some playful puppy time, or just a companion to sit and hold space while they are processing something. 
Murphy’s favorite treatment activities are Lunch, Reiki, Process group, and sitting in on individual sessions. Bunny’s favorite activities are Lunch, DBT, and also sitting in on individual sessions. When they aren’t working, Murphy likes to play with her little brother (who is not a support animal), go on hikes, dig holes, sleep and eat. During Bunny’s time off, he likes to destroy squeaky toys, play with his nerf dog-gun and sleep.
They (and we) believe that animals are essential in providing emotional support. Studies have shown that some of the benefits of having an ESA include enhancing calm and relaxation, alleviating loneliness, enhancing social engagement and interaction, normalizing heart rate and blood pressure, and reducing stress, pain, anxiety and depression. They are an important part of the holistic approach at ATR to make everyone feel loved and comfortable as they walk through their recovery journey.

Garret Bracken

ReNu Fit

My name is Garrett Bracken, Owner and Operator of ReNu Fit (Recovery Nutrition and Fitness). I am a personal trainer, sports nutritionist and man in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

ReNu Fit’s Mission is to bring fitness and nutrition into clients’ everyday recovery.

ReNu Fit fitness groups are one hour long full body workouts aimed specifically at teaching our clients the proper technique, form and fitness routines to keep them safe & help them achieve their fitness goals. All groups include stretching, abdominal work, light resistance band training and safe leg exercises. Our goal is to be effective and useful to your clients in the safest and most fun way possible.

Nate Lawler

Above Water

Above Water Adventures was created to provide a fun, healthy, and constructive outlet for young adults, corporate employees, and those in early recovery. We strive to facilitate a safe and (often) exhilarating setting to push through boundaries and break down barriers. Recovery is not for the faint of heart, it requires courage, willingness, and an innate desire to change. We’re here to offset some of the inherent weight carried during the initial steps of that journey. Our mission is bolster support and fellowship — and above all, help clients recognize that adventure, fun, and zest for life starts in recovery — not the other way around.

Jona Genova

Reiki Master & Group Healing

Jona Genova is an intuitive healer and teacher of Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) bringing more than 25 years of devoted study and practice to her work.

In 2015, Jona was invited to work with a preeminent residential treatment facility for adolescents. Overtime she developed the Samadhi for Peace Healing Method, a trauma informed and individualized approach to energy healing designed to allow space for clients in residential and outpatient levels of care to explore what is beyond words.

Today, she is the founder of Reiki Collective, an alternative healing service provider bridging the gap between energy medicine and western healthcare systems. Jona is committed to providing compassionate care that is safe for clients and for her team so she developed a rigorous internship modeled after that of other clinical professions. Healers receive ongoing learning centered around seeing others in their deepest dignity as well as licensed support for managing triggers that arise during sessions. Reiki Collective healers use the Samadhi for Peace Healing Method and are the only energy healers trained specifically to work with clients in treatment for mental health challenges and co-occurring disorders.

Jona is grateful to provide a gentle and nurturing space for clients to explore and restore their intuitive nature while restoring relational trust.

William Nephew

Rock To Recovery

William Nephew has been a singer/songwriter for over 20 years. He achieved some notable success early in his career with emo/rock band Jack’s Broken Heart, which won a San Diego Music Award in 2001, toured the continental United States, and shared the stage with acts like The Mars Volta and Jimmy Eat World. Having a strong passion for the arts, William earned a B.A in Cinema production. Following completion of his degree at San Francisco State University, William worked on film/tv projects for major Hollywood production companies including Sony and Universal Pictures.

Williams addiction began at an early age and followed a slow and steady progression. Eventually, William knew he had to make a change. With the help of drug and alcohol treatment, William got sober on May 26th, 2014. He has been sober ever since. William’s talent as a singer/songwriter, passion for the healing power of music, and the struggles of his past make him an outstanding program administrator for Rock to Recovery. He believes in the strength of creative expression as an extremely effective tool to cope with overwhelming emotions in early sobriety because William was actually in Rock to Recovery groups as a CLIENT before he became a program facilitator. William is also a certified CADC-I drug and alcohol counselor by the state of California.

Amy Dutton


Amy moved to California from Florida in 2011 to begin her journey into a life of rovery. Amy started to gain her spirit back while helping others and that’s when she found her life’s purpose. Amy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in sociology from Chapman university. Amy has also completed her CAADAC degree at Centaur university. She truly believes being outside and in touch with nature helps self-destructive behaviors, which she considers to be the key to her personal recovery. After years of owning and operating a successful women’s sober living Amy really saw the need for gender specific aftercare and teamed up with Becca Edge to create Anchored Tides Recovery.


Client Service Coordinator

Alisa brings a high level of dedication and compassion to her work as the Client Service Coordinator. A certified addiction treatment counselor (CADC-II), Alisa has seven years of experience working in the substance abuse field. Alisa has a passion for both helping others in recovery and guiding women through the process of rebuilding a valued life and increasing their self-worth. She embraces her strengths of empathy and patience to help others develop upon their inherent set of skills and seek purpose based on their own abilities. Currently, Alisa is working towards a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with hopes of becoming a therapist. When not at work or school, Alisa enjoys fitness, watching the Boston Red Sox, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Kelli Easley

Director of Marketing & Admissions

Kelli Easley comes to Anchored Tides bringing with her over seventeen years of experience in the field of addiction. Her unwavering passion to help others stems from her commitment to give back after overcoming her own 17-year addiction. She holds certifications in both Chemical Dependency and Family Development.Kelli had the good fortune of training under a well-respected interventionist, and therapists this has only strengthened her expertise in working with both individuals and families. Kelli is
currently working towards a degree in Business Administration along with being a loving mother to her husband, and two sons. In her free time, Kelli is active in the recovery community and lends her support to nonprofit organizations to help those in underserved communities.

– “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – C.S. Lewis

Rebecca Edge

President / Co-Founder

Becca Edge is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. No stranger to mental health and substance abuse issues in her family, she herself also struggled with addiction and moved to California to commit herself to treatment. She has been in long term recovery since 2010. After much success in the corporate world, she started a sober-living as a “passion project” to provide women a safe place as they re-enter the world as sober members of society. She noticed that there weren’t many aftercare programs dedicated to women’s sobriety or supporting them with the various co-occurring disorders that pop up once women are free from drugs and alcohol. So in 2016 she partnered with Amy to create a safe, therapy-focused place where women can heal from their addictions, trauma, and other issues while growing into who they were always meant to be. Becca is passionate about helping women realize their worth and supporting/helping them navigate the next steps of their lives, all while helping them feel secure on their road to long-term recovery.

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