Once you’ve completed addiction treatment, you will probably want to look for a job. While some recovering addicts will have jobs to return to after treatment, others aren’t as lucky. The initial job search may be challengings as there can be barriers that recovering addicts face that non addicts don’t. One of these barriers is being ’employable’. Some potential employers may view a gap in employment as a negative thing.  But please don’t let this discourage you as there are plenty of professional opportunities available for those leaving addiction treatment. Keep reading below to learn some tips and tricks on how to find a job after rehab. 

How To Find a Job After Rehab

At Anchored Tides Recovery we understand the challenges a recovering addict may face trying to find employment. Below are a few suggestions on how to get started on the job search:
  1. Think About What You’re Passionate About

A fulfilling career starts from passion. Finding a way to cope with unfulfillment is one of the common reasons why people start using drugs and alcohol recreationally.  For recovering addicts, stress from working at a place that doesn’t fulfill or give them a sense of purpose can trigger negative emotions that can lead to a relapse. This is why pursuing a career in an industry you are passionate about is important.  Now you may be asking yourself, what am I passionate about? How do I figure that out? A few ways to find out what interests you are:
  • Taking standardized career tests
  • Making a list of things that interest and motivate you 
  • Talking to your friends and family to get more insight 
  1. Volunteer at First

A great way to see what types of jobs you’re a good fit for and to meet new people is to volunteer. Volunteering is less of a commitment than being hired by a company and also a wonderful foot in the door with an organization. By volunteering you can learn more about the company and how it works. You also may be able to get the inside scoop on when they’re hiring for new positions. 
  1. Go Back To School for a Specialized Degree

Sometimes, an upskill is what you need to be “employable”. The job market changes its rules and requirements, and can be quite competitive. By going back to school and getting a degree, you become a more qualified candidate. By going back to school you will also have the opportunity to network with new people. 
  1. Work at an Addiction Treatment Center

If you are fresh out of treatment, looking for employment, and want to do something that is familiar to you, you can work at a rehab! There are various administrative positions that inpatient and outpatient rehabs hire for. Some of these positions include admissions, technician, and billing support. If you are more interested in the counseling side of addiction treatment, there are various certifications you can get to be a drug and alcohol counselor.

Heal From Addiction at Anchored Tides Recovery

Navigating the sometimes rocky waters of post-rehab reintegration can be difficult. Recovering addicts are encouraged to lean on the people around them for support. It could be from friends,family, and other recovering addicts at a 12-step program.  Anchored Tides Recovery is one of the best women only addiction treatment centers in Southern California. We offer several treatment programs tailor suited to women’s specific struggles and follow up services. Do you need a place to go and get help for your addiction? Reach out to us today for help with your addiction.