Dating an Addict


If you are dating an addict and would like to remain hopeful of a successful union, some tips can help. While you can look forward to some trials, they can serve as steps to confirm your readiness. Equipping yourself with some vital facts can help turn what could otherwise be a heartbreak into a fulfilling, harmonious relationship.


Red Flags of Dating A Drug Addict

The challenges of dating a drug addict can exist at different levels. They will depend on the intentions and the receptivity of both individuals. Dating an addict who has no desire to aim for recovery is like walking through a minefield. That relationship is almost certain to face bad times. However, dating a recovering addict can prove more hopeful when handled rationally.

If a relationship with a drug addict is to succeed, both members need to be aware of the facts about addiction while being willing to deal effectively with them. If such a couple is to have the potential of being a long-term quality connection, it must honor the same values necessary for any successful relationship and then some. The recovery process requires a certain amount of extra sensitivity.


Second Thoughts About Dating an Addict Are Acceptable

After dating a recovering addict for some time, you might have reservations about taking the relationship further. If this is the case, you have no reason to judge yourself. Looking at a prospective alliance objectively before engaging in one that you might not serve in the best way is commendable. 


Being With an Addict: A Game Changer

If you want to be involved with someone with an addiction, you must prepare for a few life changes of your own. Although this is true for any relationship to a point, being in love with an addict is likely to require you to have even more understanding and flexibility. 

Understand that recovery is not a finish line that, once crossed, represents a final victory. On the contrary, addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. The everyday lifestyle of a recovering addict will include having to bounce back from some pitfalls and consistently nurturing the newly learned ways of thinking and living. 


Honor Yourself While Dating A Recovering Addict

A person with high self-esteem and self-confidence is more likely to deal effectively while being with an addict regularly. An individual who exercises codependent characteristics will not serve the relationship well.

For example, giving in to a compulsion to help another indulge in an addictive activity (like offering a pill), known as enabling, is not helping this person. As with any relationship, having the capacity to be understanding and compassionate is crucial, but encouraging that person to be dependent on you is sure to lead to a relationship that suffers. 

While dating an addict, keep things in perspective. You want to be supportive, but you cannot “fix” this person. Do not become obsessive with the addictive issues. Remember to honor yourself as an individual who has a life of your own.


Increasing Your Chances of Success Dating an Addict 

While dating a recovering addict, you will be dealing with the issues from the other side of the table. It can include discussions about your partner’s current status or feelings and attending supportive recovery meetings. You may even discover that obtaining counseling of your own will help gain insight into your personality. It can help you to respect the needs of your partner and yourself. A relationship founded on outstanding communication and mutual respect can enjoy a reasonably high chance of success.


5 Tips for Dating an Addict

  • Be empathetic to the situation.
  • Communicate regularly.
  • Be a supporter.
  • Do not enable your partner’s addiction.
  • Honor yourself as an individual.


Being Married To A Drug Addict

A marriage that has enjoyed a history of success is not necessarily immune to the possibility that a spouse will take a turn toward addiction. It can happen for several reasons, including work-related issues, insecurities that manifest, misuse of a prescription drug, or something else. 

If your spouse is experiencing an addiction, you might feel inclined to hope the issue will go away by itself, especially if your marriage has generally been a good one with few challenges throughout the years. Unfortunately, such situations do not usually fix themselves.

At the very least, make a call regarding possible solutions. When encouraged to take a more proactive stance toward arranging for treatment, do not resist.


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Can Two Addicts in a Relationship Make it Work?

It is not uncommon for both people in a relationship to be drug users. That does not imply it’s a smooth ride by any means. Unless one member seeks help, the relationship will be in jeopardy.

Hopefully, one partner’s receptivity to treatment will inspire the other to follow suit. If the two are to survive as a team, they must find themselves on the same page. When the decision to seek treatment is mutual, the chances for relationship success can transcend from hope to probability. 

Some of this treatment may involve both people attending sessions together, but a reputable goal-oriented program will consist mainly of therapy provided on an individualized level. A couple following the prescribed plan can face the future with newly found optimism.


Dating an Addict Can Lead to A Positive Outcome

While dating a recovering addict, it will be crucial to maintain a healthy perspective. Due to the adjustment, times are likely to exist when you are the one who feels the effects more than your partner. Often, you will have to be the stronger of the two. Maintaining your self-respect and personal dignity will come to your aid during the more trying moments.

A compassionate heart, flexible mindset, open ears, and rational approach can all contribute to enjoying a successful relationship with a person who lives with addiction. The path is not likely to be without its rocks and dips, but a commitment to overcome them one at a time will eventually lead to smoother pavement ahead.

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