8 Steps to a Happy Life

steps to a Happy Life

steps to a Happy Life


Did you know you are worth a happy life? Everybody deserves to be happy and in good mental health, but this may seem impossible for someone with chronic drug addiction. Taking steps to a happy life can be a real challenge if you also are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. However, anyone battling addiction can overcome their struggles by using the right tools and knowing their self-worth. Regardless of how you have fallen into the drug addiction trap, you can recover.

You can be happy living a life free from drug addiction by being understanding, loving, and compassionate. Whether you have been in recovery for years or are just starting on your journey, here are eight steps to a happy life that can help you become the person you were meant to be. 


8 Steps to a Happy Life 

1. Eat a Balanced Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is part of a balanced recovery plan. It not only helps your body repair itself after a time of abusing alcohol and drugs, but it also helps keep your body healthy so you can remain abstinent. The recovery process is a long journey. Make it easier on yourself by eating lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and of course, plenty of water. 


2. Exercise Regularly

If you want to eat healthier, sleep better, and rise more refreshed in the morning, regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can help Screen Shot 2021 06 18 at 19.16.47 200x300 1curb cravings, reduce stress, and give you higher energy levels. A few adjustments to diet and exercise can help lead the way to success. You won’t regret spending time exercising regularly.


3. Practice Mindfulness

Research shows that mindfulness can help people recover from addiction by overcoming negative feelings of guilt, anxiety, self-doubt, and stress. Mindfulness can also help people stay on track when they experience temptation. Meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, and other activities that can help you take an honest inventory of your journey toward sobriety will set the stage for a brighter future.


4. Explore New Hobbies

Life is full of activities that could spark great feelings within you. Do your part to discover new hobbies to replace harmful old hobbies. You don’t even need to spend money, try to take up a new sport or activity that you think is interesting. 

Positive hobbies can help you form friendships with positive role models. Examples of hobbies that are proven to help people feel happier and be helpful in the early stages of recovery are: 

  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Scrapbooking
  • Journaling
  • Hiking
  • Knitting
  • Painting


5. Learn Stress Management Techniques

Good mental health is a work in progress, and living a happier life doesn’t always come easily. It’s crucial to have a plan in place, when you’re feeling stressed or have negative thoughts, to reduce the risk of relapse and cope with your negative emotions. Many recovering addicts use a technique called HALT. HALT refers to the following four situations that can lead to relapse: 

  • Hungry 
  • Angry 
  • Lonely
  • Tired 

It’s also a good reminder when you’re feeling any of these things to take care of yourself, not to experience stress overload. 


6. Make a Daily Schedule and Stick to it

Daily habits have a significant impact on your overall productivity. When you know what needs to get done, making a schedule for your day is an easy way to get it all done. From squeezing in extra time to work out to manage your time away from work and school, a good schedule regularly has a profound, positive effect on your life. 


7. Use Self-Love Affirmations

Learning to love again after experiencing trauma can be difficult, especially when you’re learning to love yourself. Positive affirmations for self love are a great way to remind yourself of your worth. When you’re feeling down, recovery affirmations can go a long way in lifting your spirits, try to use this tool at least two times a day. Some examples of affirmations are: 

  • I am strong enough to choose sobriety; 
  • My recovery is working; 
  • I have what I need inside me to get sober; 
  • I am filled with love; 
  • I am stronger than my addiction.

8. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Addiction is a powerful force, so choosing your friends wisely is an essential part of recovery. During the first years of sobriety, it’s best to surround yourself with positive and supportive people—people who will help you stay motivated on your journey. Even if they aren’t around you all the time, they will be there for you during challenges and hard times.


Leading a Happy Life is a Choice you Make

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to choose to live a happy life. Life is filled with millions of choices, but yours will ultimately determine how comfortable you are. Happiness is not the outcome of a good or bad situation but rather the result of our reactions toward negative or positive events. 

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To lead a happier life, keep your thoughts and feelings in check, practice self-love, and find happiness in the small things surrounding your everyday life. Having positive thoughts about yourself can help you feel good and fulfilled.

Despite alcohol or drug addiction, you are worthy of love and happy life. You are welcome here at Anchor Tides recovery Center for a better way of life. We offer the most comprehensive outpatient treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction in one location. We emphasize early intervention and education to create lasting recovery results.

Our holistic approach to substance abuse recovery includes individualized treatments, eating disorders assessment, holistic therapies, recreation programs, and support groups. Please share our goal of helping you find your happiness through sobriety and call us at 1-866-753-5865 and choose to stop your cycle of addiction.