We use a combination of evidence-based and holistic programming. Our clinically innovative program helps clients who have previously struggled getting into recovery.

Individualized Therapy

Each client at Anchored Tides Recovery works with an individual therapist. Clients are seen weekly with the frequency based on their clinical need. Our therapists have multiple years of experience working with addiction, mental health, and dually diagnosed populations.

Trauma Therapy

Our therapists are trained in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and other evidenced-based, trauma resolution therapies.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy DBT/CBT

Therapists help clients identify and confront maladaptive thinking patterns and learn to replace them with more balanced, realistic ways to view the world. Clients learn, and practice, healthy coping skills to help them navigate their ongoing recoveries.

Body Image and Disordered Eating

While Anchored Tides Recovery does not provide primary eating disorder treatment we recognize the high rates of co-occurrance of these issues in those who struggle with substance use disorders, mental health issues, and unresolved past trauma. We have therapists who specialize in working with these issues to help women move forward in their recoveries.

Nutritional Therapy

To support women in their ongoing recovery journeys, Anchored Tides Recovery offers group and individual sessions with a Registered Dietitian.

Case Management

Clients at Anchored Tides Recovery also work with a case manager on a weekly basis. Case managers help clients identify and work toward their recovery goals based on her individual needs.

Family/Couples Therapy

Addiction impacts everyone involved in our client’s lives. We help clients, their families, and other key members of their support systems to address issues and identify strategies to move forward in their recovery journeys.

Therapeutic Groups

Relapse Prevention

Helping clients to identify triggers, high risk situations, and find healthy alternatives to engage in to help maintain their recoveries after treatment.

Life Skills

Helping clients achieve skills associated with 'typical' maturation that may have been neglected during their addiction, such as budgeting, cooking, money-management, meal-planning, conflict resolution, resume building, job skills, healthy study habits, etc.

Shame Resilience

Helps to strengthen recovery by having clients look at any shame associated with their actions before or during their addiction, and fully embrace authenticity and increase compassion for themselves and others.

Self-Esteem / The Power of Positivity

Helping clients to recognize the roots of their low self-esteem and challenge their critical inner voice, while also identifying positive qualities and attributes, and finding positive activities to encourage them to engage in esteemable acts.


By accessing the power of breath, clients are able to access inner fears and concerns while learning about trust. They are able to process their feelings and experience after.

Nutrition and Body Image

Led by a Registered Dietitian, this group provides education and experiential activities for clients to learn to develop a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

Family and Relationships

Learning about how relationships have shaped who they have become and setting goals for themselves and relationships moving forward including healthy communication.


Helps clients set intentions of becoming empowered and independent, while utilizing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Enriching Activities

We believe that learning to have fun, connect with others, and pushing clients outside of their comfort zone are important recovery skills. Anchored Tides Recovery introduces our clients to new activities to help them discover new passions. Activities include:

  • - Yoga and Mindful Movement
  • - Mediation
  • - Expressive Arts
  • - Self-Defense
  • - Cooking
  • - Kayaking
  • - Skiing/Snowboarding
  • - Ropes Courses
  • - Other team building exercises

Structured Transitional Living

Anchored Tides Recovery works with accredited, structured transitional living homes. By partnering with Grace Shores and Monarch Place Recovery we ensure that clients receive recovery support outside of treatment hours. By ensuring consistent communication with house staff and the treatment team we are able to provide a continuous care experience and help integrate them into community support systems.

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