A 2018 study revealed that over 67,300 Americans died from a drug-involved overdose. Without adequate care and constant treatments, many addicts die without help. 

By choosing to go to an outpatient treatment center, you can get the help you need to establish and maintain long-lasting sobriety.

Not sure about seeking help? Not even entirely sure your addiction is “bad enough” to get professional help? Keep reading to learn the benefits of an outpatient drug treatment program and if this type of program best fits your needs.

What Is Outpatient Drug Treatment?

An outpatient drug treatment offers drug treatment sessions that can be scheduled at different times during the week. This type of addiction treatment program lets clients live at home and go about their regular activities when they aren’t receiving treatment. However, clients will need to check into treatment at their designated times for counseling and medication. 

For the most part, the services rendered by these programs are drug screening, group therapy, individual therapy, life skills, resocialization skills, and more.

Outpatient drug treatment programs come in various forms, differing intensity levels, and services. Notwithstanding, the overall focus is on counseling, coaching, and offering support.

People with a strong determination to beat addiction may benefit from an outpatient treatment center. Outpatient treatment is also very effective after someone completes inpatient treatment.  Some people are cautious to participate in outpatient drug treatment because they feel outpatient programs are often unsupervised. While there is adequate supervision during outpatient treatment, there is a level of self motivation required on the clients part because they are responsible for showing up to treatment themselves. 

If you or a loved one wants to begin outpatient drug treatment, here are a few reasons why an outpatient program might be ideal for you.

Benefits of Going to an Outpatient Treatment Center


Although addiction treatment costs should never be a barrier to recovery, it is definitely a positive to save on costs and still get high-quality care. 

Outpatient drug treatment programs are affordable because you’ll be living at home during the treatment. And that means you don’t have to pay the costs of staying at an inpatient facility. There is a higher cost for inpatient treatment due to the residential nature of the program. 


Outpatient drug treatments are usually tailored to fit the clients schedule. In this case, the client won’t have to quit their jobs or halt regular activities to get help. The transition from treatment to ‘real life’ is very smooth.

No Stigma

What will people say? What will my friends think of me? Sadly, one of the many reasons drug addicts put off treatment is stigmatization. The flexible planning of outpatient programs makes it easier for clients to stay private since their everyday routine does not change.

Access to Support

You don’t need to go through the process of recovery alone. In fact, sobriety and recovery are better achieved by having a strong support system. At Anchored Tides Recovery, we are proud of the strong, female support system our staff provides our clients with. 

Additional Activities

One of the greatest ways to stay sober is to find new hobbies and other healthy outlets. By attending  outpatient treatment, you’ll be exposed to new sober activities you can continue doing after treatment ends. 

Asides from group meetings, you can consider other recovery groups like family groups, group workshops, art therapy, meditation groups, and psychoeducation.

We Can Help You Today!

At Anchored Tides Recovery, we know that achieving lasting sobriety is beyond treating the physical facets of addiction. Addressing emotional and psychological needs is also vital to recovery. That’s why we provide outpatient treatment programs in addition to our treatment options.

Our outpatient program includes tested and trusted approaches to help reduce the likelihood of relapse and attain your sobriety goal. Contact us today to get you started on the right path to achieving sobriety fully.