Why come to Huntington Beach to get sober?

Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach has some of the most advanced rehab facilities in the country, so it has become a hub for people looking to recover from their addictions. Many rehabs, sober livings, and sobriety meetings have made Huntington Beach a great place to get sober. It also helps to have the support of an expanded network of people who are also similarly motivated to recover.

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Getting away from your familiar locations that pull you back into your old habits, and finding rehab facilities in new locations is already a step in the right direction. Plus the sunny climate in Huntington Beach can help make kicking addiction easier. When the weather is great and you have plenty to do, like surfing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, and more, you have the ideal atmosphere to recover and stay sober.

Huge network of sober people

There is a huge population of people in recovery here in Huntington Beach and it’s growing every day. Making new friends who are sober and have gone through the steps of recovery can be your biggest ally when combatting your own addiction.


There are literally thousands of support meetings in Orange County, CA like: AA, NA, ALANON and many more. Whether it’s the morning or late at night, chances are there is a meeting going on for you to attend.


With so many people in recovery in Huntington Beach employers are more understanding. Getting a job right out of rehab isn’t easy but having a big network of sober people can help you find a job faster.

Sober Living

Huntington Beach has hundreds of sober livings. Finding the right one will help a lot on your path to sobriety.

What should I consider when picking sober living?

  1. Location: Is the sober living close to the places you need, such as outpatient treatment, work, school, 12-step meetings, family etc.? 
  2. Rooms: Are the rooms shared? And who will you room with?
  3. Rules: What are the rules of the house? Find out what the rules are and consider whether you will have a hard time following them.
  4. Residents: Who lives there already? Will you be comfortable with them?

Things to consider when choosing sober living

The length of treatment will depend on several factors such as the severity of the addiction. Patients suffering from fentanyl addiction suffer greatly when access to fentanyl is swiftly cut off.

So, treatment can take up to a year. During this period, patients might go through therapeutic treatment, a detox program, and other maintenance programs.

Your Situation

Whether you’re a professional, single parent, or a college student, you’ll want to find a sober living that can meet your needs. For example, a single parent might want to choose a sober living that will allow them to have their child, and a college student might opt for a college-sponsored sober living.


Reputation of the sober living is huge. Have they been in business for long? What has the experience been for other people who have lived there? Ask to talk to current residents and past residents if possible. If the facility will not allow you to talk to existing tenants then be wary of signing up with them.


Location is another important thing to consider when choosing a sober living. If you don’t have reliable transportation you might want to consider living close to your job, your favorite 12-step meeting, and your outpatient treatment facility, if you’re attending one. You’ll also want to consider if the sober living is located in a safe neighborhood.


Considering the size of the sober living is important. If you’re a social person you might want to consider a larger sober living, and if you aren’t a social person you might want to consider a smaller, more private, sober living.

Start Your Journey Today

If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, getting the needed treatment is important. Rehab centers are the best place to get started.

Start your journey to recovery today and experience ultimate freedom.