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what is heroin addiction

Is Heroin Addiction a Disease?

Is heroin addiction a disease? Or could it be a choice? Too many people have asked themselves these questions as
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sexual abuse and addiction

The Link Between Sexual Abuse and Addiction

There are numerous reasons an individual falls victim to sexual abuse and addiction. Childhood trauma can put people at risk
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tips for women in recovery

Wellness Tips for Women in Early Recovery

Wellness for women in recovery requires a deliberate effort to manage addiction while adopting healthy life choices.  According to SAMHSA,
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commonly abused pills for women

Women & Drugs: Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Many addictions began experimenting with commonly abused prescription drugs. It’s not uncommon for someone to be involved in an accident
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what is substance abuse for women

What is a Substance Abuse Program for Women?

Substance abuse treatment programs are increasingly adopting more individual-centered approaches to treating substance abuse. This comes on the heels of
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how food affects your mood

How Food Affects Your Mood

Have you ever had a rough night and wondered why you feel so down? You wake up feeling a little
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