Are You Looking For A Rehab Treatment Center In Huntington Beach, CA?

Getting quality support is critical when someone chooses to begin recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. Support from loved ones is essential, but trained drug counselors and therapists can be a huge help too.

A trained alcohol and substance abuse specialist can help provide needed guidance for healing to begin in an environment designed specifically to promote recovery. But, like any service, getting superior alcohol and substance abuse treatment services is vital for the best outcome.

So if you’re looking for the best rehab in Huntington Beach, CA, read on to find out what to look for.

A Rehab Center That Will Work With Your Schedule

Recovery takes commitment, “You only get out what you put in,” they say.

30 days is a standard stay at a residential rehab. In residential treatment, the recovering person can receive needed drug detox and counseling to jump-start their sobriety.

People in recovery may need more than 30 days. Recovery is a process that doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen over 30 days. Many people in recovery continue getting support through outpatient care.

Below you will find what you might get out of inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation.

Inpatient Programs

While not always required, inpatient rehabilitation is the gold alcohol and substance abuse treatment standard.

Alcohol and substance use disorders are disorders that take time to heal. Unfortunately, the nature of substance use disorders can make a person a threat to their wellbeing. And the only way to prevent further damage and begin healing is to stop using drugs and alcohol. That’s easier said than done

Residential rehab makes the recovery process easier to start and maintain. Residential rehab provides stabilizing inpatient care around the clock to manage the detox process and aid a person through the early stages of recovery.

Residential rehab reduces the chances of relapse because the person is constantly immersed in a substance-free space. The client may also get the proper medication to reduce their cravings and withdrawal symptoms during the detox phase.

At an inpatient rehab, a person can get therapy and counseling daily in a supportive environment. Anchored Tides Recovery programs also offer fun activities and holistic therapies to make the process more enjoyable, making the patient healthier and happier.

Outpatient Programs

Some people start their recovery with outpatient services; each person has their reason for doing so. There are reasons for and against beginning recovery with outpatient treatment.

Someone may not have the ability to admit into a residential facility. Reasons such as school, work, or children might prevent a person from being able to move away from home.

Outpatient treatment may be the best option for people unable to afford the time commitment. However, alcohol and substance abuse programs can be flexible.

An outpatient program can provide all the beneficial therapy and drug counseling an inpatient program can provide. Different levels of outpatient care will allow you to get these services at varying intensities.

The Three Common Outpatient Programs:

It’s common for people to move down the ladder of care from residential down to outpatient treatment. This way, the person in recovery can ease themselves into a regular daily routine.

What Does Treatment In A Recovery Program Look Like?

Treatment for alcohol and substance abuse varies, but the one standard is therapy. Some addictions, particularly addiction to alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opioid alcohol and substance abuse, may require medication to reduce cravings, acute withdrawal symptoms, and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Whichever treatment center you choose, you should make sure they tailor a program to meet your needs and goals.

Anchored Tides Recovery’s Huntington Beach, CA Rehab recognizes a range of therapeutic options that can benefit your recovery.

Alcohol And Substance Abuse Treatment Options Can Include

Choosing The Best Rehab In Huntington Beach, CA For You

Ultimately, the best Huntington Beach, CA rehab option for you is unique to your needs, wants, and financial standing.

Location is another crucial factor in choosing an excellent rehab facility. Some may prefer a local treatment center. Others may prefer more of a treatment center retreat.

It doesn’t matter where you are now, as long as you find your recovery. Drugs and alcohol have taken enough from you. Get control of your life and contact an admissions specialist at Anchored Tides Recovery today!